485837_10150734246211025_1472768404_nI am a feminist writer and activist based in Istanbul. I have worked as an editor and translator previously. After graduating from Boğaziçi University Turkish and English literatures, I have travelled through Europe and lived in Berlin for four years. I have taken literature classes and presented my short play Red Riding Ho, written&co-directed by me at the Freie University holding a DAAD scholarship. My speculative fiction story Relationchip (Eşçip) has won first place in TBD Science Fiction Story Contest of 2015.

Now I am settled in Istanbul, writing on body politics, oppression, misogyny, daily sexism and women’s rights. My writings have appeared in numerous publications, such as Amargi, 5harfliler, Deli Kadın, Bianet, Grizine, CinsoMedya and Evrensel. I am also a content writer at erktolia, the online platform against sexism since August 2015.

I believe women and green tea will save the world.